Gear Review: Costa Rafael

What is it?

Costa Rafael

What sets it apart?

Renowned Costa quality is always an attention grabber, but the style and sleekness of the Rafaels certainly warrants more attention. The glasses have a wide temple design with signature three-square hole venting that keeps the eyes cool. Comfort is paramount when spending long days on the water, and Costa has yet another option for eyewear.

How do I use it?

Costa has numerous lens selections to accommodate different light situations. For example: Blue mirrors are for harsh sun and provide a natural contrast, Gray lenses are for everyday wear and provide a natural contrast, the Copper lenses are ideal for driving under variable lighting situations and the Silver mirrors are very versatile, but great for cloudy days. They are available in four frame colors and in prescription lenses.

How much?


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Editor insight:

When it comes to eye protection and comfort, Costa has the dedicated angler in mind. But it doesn’t stop with fishing. The company has an extensive line of eyewear under numerous styles to fit any personal taste. You won’t be disappointed with Costas!

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