Gear Review: Breakline Sunglasses

What is it?

Breakline Sunglasses

What does it do?

Lightweight polarized sunglasses that are comfortable, stylish and help anglers see into the water, even during bright, harsh sunlight.

What sets it apart?

Breakline Sunglasses offer innovative polarized lens technology in the company’s Z-920 polarized lenses that possess similar advantages to glass, such as scratch resistance and optimal clarity, but with the lower price of polycarbonate. The glasses were designed by anglers who are passionate about fishing and spend a great deal of time on the water throughout the year and across the nation. The glasses are also available in prescriptions. They are backed by a lifetime warranty, plus loss replacement.

How much?


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Editor insight:

When it comes to comfort and application at a moderate price point, Breakline has things figured out. I’ve personally tested these glasses and can say that they are some of the most comfortable that I’ve worn. They fit my head and face in a way that I find myself forgetting they are even on. I'd personally recommend the Mariners, as they comfortably wrap around your head providing adequte peripheral, but don't pinch or stress the ears. Very comfortable.