Fat Max Worm's tail is super-slithery

What is it?

Culprit's New Fat Max Worm.

What does it do?

It’s a chubby worm with a super-slithery tail that’s designed to be fished through heavy cover. The tail won’t snag as it snakes trough grass and wood. The Fat Max is also at home on Carolina rigs.

Why do I need it?

You like catching bass, don’t you? If you’ve got any sort of grass or brush on your lakes, plastic worms are viable options, and the Fat Max is a pain-free one at that.

How do you use it?

Texas rig it, Carolina rig it, or flip it and pitch it to the same sorts of cover that you normally throw creature baits to.

What sets it apart?

Its thick, slithering tail and wide body are the most noticeable traits of this worm. It gives bass a slightly different offering where they’re used to seeing creature or beaver-style baits.

How much?

Culprit is asking $4.40 per 10-count bag.

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