Evolve Baits' Kompak Craw

What is it?

Evolve Baits’ Kompak Craw.

What does it do?

It’s touted as the most versatile craw on the market. It bulks up a jig nicely, has a bullet profile to slide through cover well, and can be used to pick off bedding bass, too.

Why do I need it?

If you like to throw jigs, flip or pitch into cover – and who doesn’t?

How do I use it?

Any way you want, really. Like previously stated, flip it into grass, around bushes or stumps, or toss it into a bed. Plus, its roundish profile makes it a killer skipping bait.

What sets it apart?

These things stink – but in a good way. Evolve’s proprietary Rx scent includes crawfish oil, adding another degree of realism to these slimy little gems.

How much?


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