Daiwa's T-Wing reels go long

What is it?

Daiwa’s new T-Wing casting reels, the T3 and the Ballistic.

What does it do?

These reels cut back on backlashes and reduce friction when casting thanks to a “T”-shaped line guide aperture (the thing that the line goes through when you cast and retrieve). In traditional round apertures, the line is forced to come off of the spool at harsh angles to passthrough the hole, which caused a lot of friction. The result of friction is short casts and backlashes. The T-Wing greatly reduces this rubbing and is said to allow longer, easier casts and fewer spool blow ups.

Why do I need it?

To get your nagging backlash problems under control (don’t kid yourself, we all do it). Plus, in Daiwa’s testing, the T-Wings cast 5 percent farther than other reels. At 40 yards, that’s another 6 feet you’ll get. When you cast, the line flies through the wide part of the aperture, but when you retrieve, the smaller, bottom portion puts the line back on the spool like a standard aperture.

How do I use it?

Just like your normal reels, but with the added advantage of longer, easier casts.

What sets it apart?

The coolest part about the both the T3 and the Ballistic is the T-Wing levelwind, but these reels are loaded with premium Daiwa components as well. The difference between the T3 and the T3 Ballistic are the amount and kind of bearings (anti-corrosion versus not). The T3 has nine, where the Ballistic has six. Plus, the Ballistic weighs slightly more than the T3.

How much?

Daiwa is asking $429.95 for the T3 and $249.95 for the T3 Ballistic.

For more information:

Daiwa.com; 562-375-6800

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