Classic gear debut: Berkley soft plastics

More and more, the GEICO Bassmaster Classic is becoming one of the premier venues for manufacturers large and small to release new products. The fact that the Classic is a consumer show, meaning anyone can attend, versus an exclusive industry-only show is appealing because of the media frenzy surrounding the event and the often-overfull Expo venue.

This year, Berkley is stepping up in a big way, releasing two new soft plastic styles in the Havoc line and three new PowerBait plastics. All are proven shapes with pro input.

The Havoc Boss Dog is the brainchild of living legend Gary Klein. This 6-inch lizard/creature hybrid has a cavity on the back that hides the hook point for snag-free action. And speaking of action, the legs and elongated tail offer enticing movement with the slightest angler input. Retail is set at $3.49.

The Pit Boss Jr. is simply a downsized version of Skeet Reese’s wildly successful Pit Boss flipping bait. It’s a mere three inches long and excels when the bite is tough. Again, retail is set at $3.49.

Berkley’s PowerBait line enjoys the addition of the Fight’n Bug, one of the wildest craw creatures the bass have ever seen. The long body and oversized pincers are designed for maximum water disturbance and fish-calling attention. Naturally, the Fight’n Bug is loaded with that famous PowerBait scent. Retail is set at $4.99.

Finesse swimbaiting is becoming more popular as more anglers are finding just how deadly a small shad imitator can be, and Berkley has done anglers a favor with the introduction of the PowerBait Rib Shad. The 4 1/2-inch boot tail swimmer is great for rigging on a jighead or EWG hook. Retail is set at $4.99.

Though it’s slender, the Slim Shad has big fish appeal written all over it. The deeply ribbed body and boot tail give realistic action even when slow rolled at depth. The body is thin which offer a rolling action when rigged on a lightweight jighead or belly-weighted hook. $4.99.

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