Big Top Baits Bass Tent

What is it?

It’s an umbrella rig with five, 11-inch arms and a spinner on the main shaft.

What does it do?

According to the manufacturer, the Bass Tent allows anglers to cast and retrieve five baits at the same time easily and efficiently.

Why do I need it?

There are times when a school of baitfish turn on bass like nothing else. The Bass Tent has 11-inch arms and a center spinner to help anglers create the impression of a school of baitfish that has lost its way, irresistible prey for a top predator like black bass.

How do I use it?

Throw it whenever bass are feeding on schools of baitfish. It’ll handle crankbaits, spinners, swim jigs and just about anything else in your tacklebox.

What sets it apart?

It’s made of spring steel to hold its form, comes ready to use right out of the box and is made lead free.

How much does it cost?

$17.95 which includes shipping to the United States and Canada

For more information:  (The website includes a handy umbrella rig state law summary.)

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