Berkley Havoc Juice Worm

What is it?

Berkley Havoc Juice Worm.

What does it do?

It does the ribbontail worm thing: slither along looking like an easy meal for bass.

Why do I need it?

To grab that kicker fish with a slow-moving soft plastic. Probe weed beds, lily pads and even emergent vegetation with this snake-like bass catcher.

How do I use it?

Drag it, flip it, swim it or pitch it. You could even use it weightless and slowly work it over spawning beds or under overhanging trees.

What sets it apart?

Boyd Duckett designed the Juice Worm to track straight and not roll as the bait is retrieved. It’s also designed to have a lot of tail action, even at slow speeds. Twenty colors and a 6- and 8-inch model are available.

How much?

$3.49 for 15 6-inchers, or 12 8-inchers.

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