Berkley expands their plastics line

SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY, La. — Berkley has chosen this year’s Expo to introduce several new plastic baits in their PowerBait and Havoc lines. According to Brad Danbom, Berkley Baits Product Manager, the new baits are sure to catch the eye of serious bass anglers everywhere.

“We have two new PowerBait shapes here at the show. PowerBaits are all about scent and flavor but they’re also scientifically designed for fish attracting movement and action. Our new 4-inch Power Claw has a unique set of trailing tentacles that give the bait a new look and feel without sacrificing scent or flavor.

“The 4-inch Thief, on the other hand, has a set of barbell-like tentacles attached in front of the flappers that show the fish something they’ve never seen before. It’s especially effective on the fall.”

Both baits feature a bullet-shaped body and are designed primarily for flipping and pitching.

The Berkley Havoc line has been enhanced with three new, angler-designed baits. Their 4-inch Smash Tube, designed by Mike Iaconelli, features an oval shaped body with heavy tentacles and a two color finish.

“Mike really wanted us to make this bait,” says Danbom. “He pointed out that his best tubes were the ones in the bottom of his boat that had been smashed and flattened out. He said they glided better in the water with that shape and looked more realistic. He was right.”

The Bobby Lane designed 5-inch Hawk Hawg is just what you’d expect from a professional angler with Lane’s flipping and pitching skills — a bait with a ribbed body, two sets of wings, heavy flappers and a long curly tail.

“Bobby wanted something that showed the fish a little of everything,” explains Danbom. “He wanted it useable right out of the package. At the same time, however, he wanted something that could be easily and quickly customized to meet the ever changing conditions anglers face on the water. That’s the way we built it.”

Last, but by no means least, are Boyd Duckett’s new Juice Worms. They’re offered in two sizes, a 6-inch Jr. and the full-sized 8-inch model. The idea behind the Juice Worm is to make a curly-tail worm that will track straight and level on the retrieve (Most curly tail worms have a tendency to roll when they’re pulled forward.) and, at the same time, design a tail that’ll have some motion even when the bait is sitting still.

Danbom was impressed with the idea but knew redesigning the plastic worm would not be easy. “It was worth the effort,” he says with a smile. “The Juice Worm is different. Traveling level and true really makes a big difference.”

All Berkley plastic baits are offered in a wide variety of colors.

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