Bassmaster's 2006 Tackle Guide: Line

State of the art manufacturing and technological processes utilized by today's line producers are creating impressive advancements in new product offerings.

 That's evident in this year's introductions, where improvements in both monofilament's and fluorocarbon's abrasion resistance and handling are a common theme. Lines are getting tougher, stronger and more manageable.

 Another noticeable trend is the continued interest in fluorocarbon as a casting line and leader material.

 As you look through our list of 2006 products, you'll recognize some familiar brands that have received overhauls. We're convinced fishing lines are better today than even a few years ago. But then again, only you can decide that.

 1. BERKLEY (; 877-777-3850) — Bass anglers will find improvements in several products already in the lineup. For example, FireLine has been upgraded and is being promoted as being 20 percent stronger, offering improved knot strength. IronSilk has been toughened to be up to three times more abrasion resistant than previous versions, while Trilene Sensation is constructed with a new formula that adds strength and sensitivity.

 For saltwater anglers, Big Game Hi-Test features include strength, small diameter and shock resistance in a premium line. The smaller diameter provides less drag when working baits far behind a boat. It is offered in clear or electric green colors and in 12 sizes from 10- to 130-pound strengths.

 2. CORTLAND (; 607-756-2851) — The slick finish on the premium Endurance Mono helps the monofilament cut through water easier. The all-purpose line is said to have high knot strength and abrasion resistance. It comes in either clear or hi-vis and several sizes from 4- to 30-pound strengths.

 3. EAGLE CLAW (; 720-941-8700) — Classic Premium Monofilament is designed for a variety of applications and easy handling on all types of reels. The soft line has low memory, which reduces tangles on the casts, but is shock resistant and has controlled stretch for positive hooksets. The clear/blue line is offered in sizes 4- to 20-pound and on 300-yard spools.

 4. GAMMA (; 800-437-2971) — Inherent problems with standard fluorocarbon line are said to have been eliminated with Edge, a 100 percent fluorocarbon line. The company says Edge is twice as flexible and shock resistant as other fluorocarbon lines while retaining abrasion resistance and refractive qualities. It's designed for use with baitcast or spinning tackle. Edge is offered in six sizes from 6- to 20-pound and in 55- and 120-yard spools.

 5. HI-SEAS (; 800-824-9473) — Fluorocarbon Leaders, offered in coils or leader bracelets commonly used in saltwater, are available in sizes from 12- to 330-pound. The 100 percent fluorocarbon material is extruded with laser technology to ensure it has the proper consistency. The leaders are highly abrasion resistant and offer impact protection.

 6. INNOVATIVE TEXTILES (; 800-650-8003) — Ice anglers now can enjoy the sensitivity of superbraid with PowerPro Ice Line that resists moisture and ice buildup. Braided from 100 percent Spectra fiber, PowerPro Ice comes in 8-, 10- and 15-pound breaking strengths, but in diameters much smaller than equal sizes of monofilament.

 7. MOSSY OAK (www.mossyoak; 866-645-0024) — The company that has produced camouflage designs is now in the fishing line business, offering three specialty copolymer lines. Classic offers a balance of properties including high knot strength, tensile strength, abrasion resistance and limpness for easy handling. Classic also has low stretch and comes in Hi-Vis Clear, Lo-Vis Green and Lo-Vis Clear. Buck Brush has similar qualities but is best suited for flipping and pitching. Both Classic and Buck Brush are available in several sizes between 4- and 30-pound.

 Offshore Premium is a copolymer designed for saltwater fishing. Sizes range from 10- to 100-pound strengths.

 8. MUSTAD (; 315-253-2793) — Last year's debut of Ultra Line monofilament has led to an addition in the lineup. UL Max, a thin, limp line, is now available in 110-yard spools and 4- to 20-pound strengths.

 9. P-LINE ( — Demands from spinning tackle anglers have been answered with the addition of mossy green color in the CX-Premium line. The colored version will have the same fluorocarbon coating as the original version and will be available in most sizes. It comes in 300-yard spools.

 10. SEAGUAR (; 212-867-7040) — INVIZX is a soft, supple fluorocarbon line designed for spooling on both spinning and baitcast reels used in freshwater. The invisible line is made from proprietary resins and with a special extrusion technology that helps make it strong and durable. It comes in 2- to 20-pound sizes and in either 200- or 1,000-yard spools.

 11. SHAKESPEARE (; 800-334-9105) — A tougher breed of Cajun's red line is now offered in Cajun Advantage, a new copolymer that the company says has increased abrasion resistance and improved castability. Like other red Cajun lines, it's said to disappear 3 feet beneath the surface. It comes in filler spools, 1/4-pound spools, 2-pound spools and sizes ranging from 4- to 200-pound strengths.

 12. STREN ( 877-777-3850) — "Self Lubricating Polyoelfin Technology" is being credited with providing DuraTuf monofilament an abrasion resistance up to 177 percent higher than other lines. That means less line damage during a day of fishing, which results in a stronger overall line. It's offered in clear, green and lo-vis green and sizes 4- to 30-pound.

 Original Stren has undergone a formulation change that produces more strength, clarity, manageability, abrasion resistance and knot strength. Berkley, now owner of Stren lines, says its researchers tested 400 formulations before the new monofilament was finalized.

 13. SUFIX (; 800-554-1423) The company put a lot of research and testing into its Performance Braid. It utilizes "Y6 Digital Braiding Process" that allows for more braids per inch. The compact construction is said to produce a tighter, stronger, thinner diameter line that retains roundness, color and slickness. The uniformity improves casting distances, durability and quietness. The line is offered in Lo-Vis Green or Hi-Vis Yellow in several sizes from 6- to 130-pound tests. By comparison, 6-pound Performance Braid has the equivalent diameter of 2-pound mono and 20-pound is similar in diameter to 6-pound mono.

 14. TRIPLE FISH (; 352-243-0873) — There's nothing lewd about the company's X-Rated Line that is being touted as five times more abrasion resistant than previous copolymers.

 15. YO-ZURI (; 888-336-9775) — Don't sneer when you see the pink H.D. Carbon Fluorocarbon Leaders. Pink helps make the line even more invisible than standard fluorocarbon because it's the lightest shade of red, and red is said to be the first color to disappear under­water. And while all fluorocarbon is considered invisible, it becomes more noticeable to the fish when nicked or frayed. The pink tint reduces that problem. The leaders come in clear or pink and in sizes from 8- to 200-pound strengths.