Abu Garcia’s new Veritas Micro Guide rods

What is it?

Abu Garcia’s new Veritas Micro Guide rods (and a few new models).

What does it do?

Veritas rods were introduced a while back and made waves with their white blanks and high-tech assets (lightweight NanoTechnology, anodized aluminum reel clamp). Now Veritas rods have grown even more angler-friendly with the addition of micro guides and some new actions.

Why do I need it?

To lighten your load while on the water, as well as work your baits more effectively through precise rod actions. Check out Garcia’s website for specifics on all the new models available. Plus, these high-performance rods retail for less than $100.

How do I use it?

Like any other rod, but with the advantages of micro guides (see next section).

What sets it apart?

The subjective aspects of micro guides are heightened sensitivity, longer and smoother casts. The smoothness supposedly comes from the guides keeping the line in check and allowing less line slap (when the line bounces off the blank as it flies off the reel and through the guides). While these qualities are debatable, what’s not is the fact that micro guides are must-haves for anglers looking to carry the lightest gear possible. Garcia’s got five new rods with micro guides, along with two heavy-duty Winch series rods, and a few two-piecers. Oh, a beastly 7-11 flipping stick is on the shelves. Plus, everyone will know what sort of rods you’re wielding with those fancy white blanks. Weights start at 3.9 ounces (6-6 medium action).

How much?

All Veritas rods are $99.95, regardless of length, action and micro guides or not.

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