ABT’s X2 countdown crankbait

What is it?

ABT’s new X2 countdown crankbait.

What does it do?

Unless you tie rocks to your crankbaits, this one will dive deeper than any one that you own. It’s internally weighted to sink ever so slowly then act like a normal crankbait upon retrieve. There’s no rockpile too deep anymore!

Why do I need it?

To hit those super-deep spots in winter and summer like ledges, brush, treetops and rockpiles. When bass get deeper than 20 feet they aren’t used to seeing a crankbait. This one will reach down and tag ’em at nearly 30 feet.

How do I use it?

Like your standard deep divers, but perhaps with a pause after you cast to allow it to sink to the desired depth.

What sets it apart?

Several things, most notably the finish and the fact that it’s a countdown crankbait. The finish is ABT’s proprietary “Natural Image Transfer” which basically puts a photo of a baitfish on the bait itself.

How much?

Retail price is set at $9.99.

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