A fighting chance

I had a lot better day Day 2 than I did Day 1. I just hope it’s going to be enough to give me a fighting chance on Sunday.

After stumbling in the first round with only four bass weighing 13 pounds, 12 ounces (13th place), I knew I had dug myself a hole. I was 7-2 behind my friend Jason Christie and hoped to cut his lead to just three or four pounds on Day 2. I actually weighed in the heaviest catch of the day (17-8), but Christie’s limit was almost as heavy, so I only gained a few ounces on him. Tomorrow I get one last shot.

On Saturday, I went out and just tried to get some bites. I had such a long dry spell without any action on Friday that I got tired of not getting bit. Even so, I didn’t have my first strike until about 10:45. Then I caught three kepers very quickly.

I broke two big fish off. If I had landed them, I might have had a monster day … but I didn’t. I could be in a lot better shape than I am, but as it stands for me to win I have to go out and have a huge day while the two anglers ahead of me — Christie and Todd Faircloth  stumble.

My goal today was just to get within striking distance  to make the Super 6 and to have a good showing for my family.

I did a lot of things differently on Day 2. Actually, I did just about everything differently. I changed locations, changed baits and changed my approach. I may change it all again tomorrow. It looks like the weather is going to show us something new — it’ll be warmer and windier — and I don’t want to fish the same places twice.

Everyone who made the cut to the top 25 has a plan and theory for the weather change, but I don’t see how it can make the fishing any tougher. For now, just know I’m going to give it all I’ve got.

I’m not going down without a fight.