Being there: Elite No. 2


All photos Don Barone

“I've looked under chairs…”

Dateline: Lake Okeechobee

“I like to watch.”
Chance The Gardener
Being There (1979)

The role of a storyteller is to whisper into your ear stories you would never hear.

The role of a storyteller is to bring you images you would never see.

The role of a storyteller is to being there where you ain’t.

Trust the storyteller to chronicle life and not add up statistics.

In the business of being there where you ain’t, it’s not about the obvious.

Subtle is the currency of the storyteller.

“…I've looked…”

“The value of experience is not in seeing much, but in seeing wisely.”
~ William Osler

We live on a planet that rotates at 1,040 miles per hour.

Being there for all of us on board seems to look just like this: