Day Two quotes from Citrus Slam

PALATKA, Fla. -- Some of the notable things overheard from the stage during the Day Two weigh-in of the Power-Pole Citrus Slam.

"Bed fishing is like an Easter Egg hunt where the eggs have $100 bills in them, but when you go to pick one up, someone else grabs it first. Then you turn around and someone slaps you in the face."

-- Britt Myers

"These fish are really skittish, you make one cast and they leave while the bait's in the air."

-- Peter Thliveros

"I'm gonna make a whole lake adjustment tomorrow."

-- Bobby Lane

"This has been a tough tournament. I can't sight fish ... I suck at it."

-- Mike IaconelliĀ 

"I had two big ones bite me today and just messed them up."

-- Shaw Grigsby

"I think I left all my talent down at Harris Chain."

-- Stephen Browning

"This has definitely been one of my bombs, a real reality check."

-- Skeet Reese

"After my practice, I was over I was all over the placeā€¦but made a good tournament out of it."

-- Dustin Wilks

"I fished for one today that was big as my leg."

-- Terry Scroggins