2007 Elite Series - Empire Chase: Day One quotes

BUFFALO — The winds blew, the waves crested and the Bassmaster Elite Series pros dragged scads of smallmouth bass across the scales. Here were some of the highlights from Day One of the Empire Chase presented by Mahindra Tractors:

"I love coming to this place but y'all can have it when it blows like this."
— Marty Stone

"I have to fix my boat. I'm proud of what I brought today, that's all I can say."
— Takahiro Omori

"Brutal, man."
— Frank Scalish, describing his day on the water

"It was great. Every stop was the way I planned."
— Kevin Langill

"On the calm days, you can catch them. But the bigger ones bite better when it's rough."
— Peter Thliveros

"It's like an ocean where you're catching smallies."
— Aaron Martens

"I've got to go put my boat back together. It's in pieces."
— Bryan Hudgins

"I covered a lot of water today, I burned a lot of gas. I fished both countries."
— Kevin VanDam

"It was just really exciting but also really scary."
— Rick Morris

"It was crazy rough."
— Kelly Jordon

"It's the first time I've ever seen someone barf and catch a 4-pounder at the same time."
— Alton Jones, on the feat of his co-angler, the aptly named Robert Green

"I should have had 18, 19 pounds, but I know where they live, so I'm going back tomorrow."
— Jon Bondy

"It's great. Anything that's Gulp, you throw it out there and they eat it."
— Boyd Duckett

"You go to go the local pub, and drink one all the way down to get your barrel for that."
— Frank Campbell, on riding down nearby Niagara Falls

"I hope the weatherman is wrong for the 70 millionth time tomorrow, because this place is stacked with fish."
— Ish Monroe

"Today was just a glorified practice day for me."
— Mike Wurm

"I've just got to get a driftsock that will stay on my boat."
— Fred Roumbanis, on breaking off his driftsock

"I learned how to fish lying on my back."
— Marty Robinson, on fishing through motion sickness

"Oh, it was just a little bouncy. Just another day on the pond."
— Charley Hartley