Core MG the most versatile reel on the market

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Are you that guy? The angler that watches the sun rise under a long cast, and keeps casting until the sun falls over the horizon?


In the fishing world whether we are doing that or dreaming about it, the very activity is at the core of those actions and dreams. In the reel world, that’s where Shimano Core MG comes in, a fishing reel that can handle everything you want to cast without handing the angler a sore arm in return.

“If you watch my show, Core gets use,’’ said Mark Zona.  “And what that means is you’re using a reel that is extremely versatile.  It’s finesse with power.

“That’s one of the great things about a Core. Not only does it have high speed for flipping, but for speed cranking, it’s right all game-time long.  It’s the most versatile reel on the market.”

Core MG is developed for the angler who wants an ultra-performing reel that is also extremely lightweight. 

“Somebody that is going to fish all day long, they’re that Core angler,’’ said Marc Mills, a Shimano regional sales manager. “They start at five in the morning at sun up, and guess what? At seven o’clock at night they’re still fishing.”

In a day of fishing, most anglers will go through an arsenal of different techniques that require everything from power fishing in the morning to finesse fishing in the middle of the day. Core is the reel that can do it all.

“Let’s just say that we’re gonna go out and crank or burn spinnerbaits for 8 to 10 hours,’’ Zona said. “The Core is so incredibly light, by the end of the day you’re not like ‘Oh, my gosh man, I’m burnt.’  The best thing about Core, at the end of the day it feels like the beginning of the day. 

“It goes from compact finesse, deadly accurate casting to power all in one reel.”

The reason it can be so powerful and light is its magnesium frame that provides a light-weight feel without sacrificing strength.

“You’re using a reel that’s so light and that’s the whole deal,’’ Zona said.  “The difference in that from other reels is you can throw that thing all day long, zero fatigue, just winding and winding and winding and all of a sudden, it transitions itself into a monster.

“You can throw a 20-foot diving plug with a Core and instantly transition. With that same exact reel you can transition to flipping a 16th- or an 8th-ounce weight up under a boat dock 30 yards away.  That’s one of the hardest things to find in baitcast reels in the history of reels.

“Precision. That’s what Core is.  Core is precision.”