Conservation News

Bass Pro Shops displaying Colorado Nation conservation work

Denver, Colo. — Colorado B.A.S.S. Nation conservation projects are included in a display room featured for the first time ever in a Bass Pro Shops store.

The Denver Bassmasters club was invited by Loralee Giudice of the Denver Bass Pro Shops to participate in a project to convert the store’s Fine Gun Room into a Conservation Display Room.  She offered the club two display cases in the room and first choice of location. 

When Denver Bassmasters club member Tom Grace told Colorado Nation Conservation Director George Mauries about the display room being the first one ever in a Bass Pro Shops, Mauries started formulating the idea for their display cases.  He called Larry Triplett of Wilderness Taxidermy, a fellow Colorado Nation member, who donated a largemouth bass mount, a panfish mount and his time to help build one of the displays.  The display also included a miniature version of a Mossback Fish Habitat donated by the company since Mossback habitat products have been used in Colorado Nation conservation projects in recent years.

The second display features articles of conservation projects conducted by the Denver Bassmasters and other Colorado Nation clubs throughout the years. Mauries said Denver Bassmasters President Brandon Genova was instrumental in gathering the information for the second display.

The special conservation room also includes displays of the National Rifle Association, Trout Unlimited, Pheasants Forever and other groups, but the Colorado Nation has the distinction of being the only organization given two display cases.  “The passion for B.A.S.S. conservation is on display for all to see,”   Mauries said. “(Bass Pro Shops) is going to allow us to update the display yearly if we do new projects, so it will be an ongoing conservation display.”