Pro spective: New boat wraps and jerseys

Bernie Schultz

At the beginning of each Bassmaster Elite Series season, those anglers who qualified to participate receive an invitation. Upon accepting that invitation, they begin the process of conforming to the...

Clausen: Coming full circle

Luke Clausen

As I finish my final preparations to start the 2016 season on the Bassmaster Elite Series, it’s easy to think back on the past two decades and feel like I’m...

Grass roots beginnings

Todd Faircloth

I’m fortunate enough to have been born and raised here in Jasper, Texas, which put me within very easy access to some of the nation’s finest bass fisheries: Sam Rayburn...

Palaniuk: New boat for a new year

Brandon Palaniuk

Every year about this time, it’s time for me to start a new relationship. Don’t worry; things between me and my girlfriend are going great. What I’m talking about is...

Know the differences in baitcast reels

Kevin VanDam

One of the most intimidating purchases a newcomer can make is a new baitcast reel because there are so many choices yet they look similar but can be very different....

db: A banner for the fans

Don Barone

“Nobody here will ever find me…” Dateline: Respect “…the mysterious influence of the twelfth man on the team, the rooter.”Author UnknownMinnesota Magazine, University of Minnesota Sept. 1900(The first known written...

How I use saved waypoints

Jason Christie

As we head into a new tournament season, I’ll be putting a lot of thought into what baits I need to take to each event. I have a pretty good...

Another look at tackle

Greg Hackney

Last week I said I’d be packing my boat. As you might think, it’s a job. Here’s how I go about things. Maybe something I do will help you. The...

The long and short of rod uses

Kevin VanDam

The continued evolution of bass fishing equipment has enhanced the methods in which we use it. Fishing rods are good examples. We can be more selective in the rods we...

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