Classic VI

LAKE GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — For winning Classic VI, Rick Clunn of Montgomery, Texas, earned $25,000, half of the $50,000 total payout, for his catch of 59 pounds, 15 ounces.

 Clunn put together the perfect game plan — a pattern for big fish early, then an afternoon of picking over the smaller largemouth.

 His fish came from an area with a high spot covered with milfoil grass and surrounded by water 7-10 feet deep. He fished a white-skirted (Fleck Weed-Wader) spinnerbait with double cow-bell-size blades.

 Clunn added weight to the lure by crimping a sinker onto the spinnerbait's main arm. He "buzzed" the spinner just beneath the surface, making a bulge on the surface.

 Clunn used a small, balsa "Honey Bee" crankbait and fished the creeks for his small-fish pattern.

 Of note

 •  Ricky Green's 8-pound, 9-ounce largemouth on Day 2 is the biggest in Classic history. On the same day, Rick Clunn caught a bass weighing 7-13 — the second best ever.

 •  On Day 2, Clunn and his press partner had jumped in the boat for the ride to the launch area and were nearly in the water before Clunn realized he had forgotten his tackle box back in his hotel room. He went back to get it and finished the day with a Classic record catch of 33-5.

 •  Classic VI was the coldest ever with daily lows in the low 30s.

 Top 6 finishers

 1. Rick Clunn Montgomery, Texas 59-15

 2. Bo Dowden Natchitoches, La. 56-04

 3. Ricky Green Arkadelphia, Ark. 42-07

 4. Billy Phillips Jackson, Tenn. 38-13

 5. Tommy Martin Hemphill, Texas 32-12

 6. Paul Chamblee Raleigh, N.C. 27-06