Boyd Duckett


 How he qualified: 3rd on the Bass Open Southern Tour

 Hometown: Demopolis, Ala.

 Birthdate: 4-28-1960

 Age: 46

 Height: 6'3"

 Weight: 190

 Children: William (12), Jack (9), Annabell (5)

 Kids activities: "Well, William fishes with me. We finished 5th in a father/son tournament this past summer. I made him split the entry fee with me and told him we would split the winnings. We won $500 and split it down the middle. Now he wants to fish tournaments all the time."

 Fishing strength: Versatility. "I didn't use the same technique in any of the 10 Bassmaster tour events I fished last year."

 Interesting Info

 Other sports achievements: "Played golf before I fished professionally. Used to be a 2 handicap."

 Past jobs: Owned a music company and plays in a band on the side.

 One word that he says sums him up: Energetic

 Classic Take

I have tried to just take it easy. I have taken off fishing most of this winter, and I don't usually do that. I practiced on Lay Lake until the cutoff, but I didn't try to do too many things. I already know how to catch them at Lay. If I get to take a month or two off, I have a lot of energy coming back. So I am as hungry as you need to be to do well in these tournaments, not only the Classic, but throughout the rest of the year."