Fishing in the Delta Dawn

We found James Hatch and Dean Jackson less than two miles east of the Ingalls Harbor take-off. These Gainesville, Florida boys are frustrated that their Gators got beat by the Hurricanes yesterday – and the fact that they’ve only landed two small keepers isn’t adding to the fun.


 “Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers,” says Hatch regarding the football loss. The regular team tournament partners drove nearly 10 hours to get here. Hatch drives a 2013 SR5 Tundra – his fourth. “I’ve had four different colors, and loved ‘em all. I work from my truck as an energy consultant, and I tow this boat with it on the weekends. I don’t think there’s a more comfortable, safer, truck out there.”


At high noon Swindle’s Wounded Warrior guest, Ryan Dohrmann, boats another bass on a pink colored “Morning Dawn” worm rigged to a shaky head. “I’m glad I’m not competing today,” says Swindle as he poses with Ryan, and begins singing Delta Dawn. Swindle doesn’t sound near as good as Tanya Tucker did in 1972 – but as always, he brings laughter.