Dinner, with a side of smack

We are in the middle of the registration for the Toyota Owners Bonus Bucks Tournament.

Don Bah-rone is sitting at our table. He's still talking smack.

I guess I would too: His partner is former Elite angler and local guide Jimmy Mason.

Good for him. Overstreet and I may wish we had hooked up with a local hot shot by the end of this tomorrow.

We don't feel that way now, though. We're tired, beat up just like we had spent two days covering the Elites. Difference is we will be holding a rod instead of a camera. I think tomorrow is a better deal that an Elite.
We are actually competing in a tournament because I bought a truck. How cool is that?

Bah-rone is still talking smack. I'm going to start calling him Bah-run, because he won't stop running his mouth.

Tomorrow all of that stops.

Tonight we lift a glass to good competition. Then figure out how to unplug Jimmy Mason's alarm clock.