The engine was built in Alabama. 

Final assembly took place in Texas. 

The miles on the odometer come from covering a sport I love. 

It’s carried me north to the smallmouth waters of Lake Erie that I grew up on. 

As far south as the Mexico Border in Texas. 

And east to Alabama more times than I can count. 

2,500 miles a month, for the past seven years. 

A marketing and PR dude for 18 years. 

You’d expect me to say good things about the brands I represent. 

A make-sense theory, but I do a real bad job of hiding the truth. 

Besides, the greatest truth is the fact that never once in seven years, has any angler who graciously paid for and tows with a Toyota, complained to me about the dependability, towing power, or safety of their trucks. 

Not once. 

Peace of Mind has no dollar value. 

But our odometers tell us how far we’ve been. 

How long we’ve been gone.

And carried safely back home. 

Even on the short trips. 

Like last night along the 35 miles from work, back to her in Skiatook, when it rolled 200,000 miles. 

I’ll get a new one soon, but Truth is, this one’s in much the same shape as it was 80 months ago, and very worthy of another couple hundred.