Nichols Marine CBA February Bass Tournament

The team of Teddy Owensby and Brad Ferguson topped the field of 80 boats catching a 5-bass limit weighing 27.30 pounds to win first place and $2,000.00 in the Nichols Marine CBA February Bass Tournament. This tournament was held Saturday, February 22, 2014, at Chester Frost Boat Ramp.


Teddy said, "The morning was slow and it just got better as the day went on."


The duo of Teddy Owensby and Brad Ferguson had big fish of the tournament with a giant largemouth that weighed 9.11 pounds. The team of Rogie Brown and Cary Dotson had 2nd big bass with a 8.24-pound largemouth.


Mark Grimsley and Jason Rollins won the highest finishing new team award, and Chris Burkhart was the highest finisher in the youth division.


The next C.B.A. event will be March 15 out of Chester Frost Park


The top 10 are as follows:

  1. Brad Ferguson and Teddy Owensby, 27.30 lbs., $2,000.00
  2. Mark Grimsley and Jason Rollins, 25.17 lbs., $800.00
  3. Rogie Brown and Cary Dotson, 25.10 lbs., $700.00
  4. Derek Hicks and Roger Hicks, 24.89 lbs., $600.00
  5. Jim McClanahan and Derek McCullough, 23.05 lbs, $450.00
  6. Mark Keith and Mark Varady, 22.27 lbs., $400.00
  7. Justin Sneed and David Allen, 21.98 lbs., $350.00
  8. Mark Heatherly and Greg Lamb, 20.75 lbs., $300.00
  9. Brent Hayes and Ben Hayes, 20.08 lbs., $250.00
  10. Tyler Bain and Larry Erwin, 19.84 lbs., $200.00


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