Hedrick and Trevino take the Cal Sag

The IBN Team Series schedule called for a tournament on Pool 13 on July 20th, but Mother Nature had a different idea.  Ten days before the tournament, 8 inches of rain fell on north western Illinois in 2 days and the river was at 18 feet above flood stage. All reports were that the river wouldl not be down by tournament time and the main river channel was full of heavy debris, creating a very unsafe running condition for boaters. With the tournament about a week away, we had to act fast to make a change of locations.


The City of Alsip said they would do whatever they could for the IBN to help put things together for the tournament. The IDNR acted very quickly with the permits and in a day or so we were set to have the event on the Cal Sag out of the Alsip launch.


If someone had told me it would take close to 17 pounds to win, I would not have believed them. We heard that the fishing had been tough, but you could not tell that by the weigh-in we had. The top five bags were all over 10 pounds and the winning weight, brought to the scale by Mel Hedrick and Ed Trevino, was 16.83 pounds. Mel also had the Big Bass for the event at 4.21 pounds.


Larry Fenzau and Joel Lafever came in 2nd place with 11.96 pounds. 3rd Place went to Joe Zehner and Tony Flories with 11.46 pounds, and 4th went to Jeff Miller and Huhra with 11.39 pounds.


The IBN would like to thank the City of Alsip (Bob at the launch ramp) for all their help. This is the third time we held a tournament at the Cal Sag out of the Alsip launch and they all have been great. We will be adding this location to next year’s event schedule.  


For more information about the IBN Bassmaster Team Series and the IBN, go to www.illinoisbassnation.com.

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