Capping off ICAST

I had almost escaped ICAST without writing a blog, but as I carried my bags to the waiting taxi, I saw that hat again. I spent the past 3 days shooting 50 product videos with Elite and Opens pros in this very blog, but didn't have much time to look for things myself. But every time, every single time, I walked past the Madrone booth, I wanted to stop and check out their products. I may not be an expert fisherman like the people I've interviewed over the last few days, but I am what you would call a hat connoseiur. Having no hair and a family history of skin cancer, you are likely to always see me in a hat outside. So during what would be my last stroll down an ICAST isle, I drop my bags as the Madrone guys are packing up and ask if I can check out their products. 


I didn't know it at the time, but Keith Poche liked the Madrone hats as much as I did.

I'm glad I did. The hat they showed me was what they call their ultimate fishing cap. It has the wide neck cape on the back, but is rigid enough to not sit on your neck. It has vents in the top, and can fold down to barely nothing when needed to be packed.  It has a host of other features including SPF 50 and a neat drawstring channel as well. But the reason I'm telling you about them is because their hats look good to me. I like a plain, understated look without giant logos and eye-grabbing design. This company nails it. 


Unfortunately for me, the ultimate fishing cap won't be available until 2015. 

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