New ways to stay dry

It's hard to really remember last winter's freezing, wet days on the water now, during the sweltering days of summer. But they'll be coming back soon enough, and you best be prepared.




Striker Brands is trying to keep you comfy and dry with its new Striker Dry jacket and pants. They're made of ripstop nylon and are both waterproof and breathable. And they're made to fit your actual size: The pants have a Velcro tab for adjusting as well as a silicone waist. The pants have an Infinite Play Cuff, which means you can undo the hem to adjust the length to your height, from an inseam of 30 to 36 inches. Sizes are small to 5X.


The Striker Dry comes in two models. Element has removable booties to protect your feet, plus cargo pockets. The jacket costs $129, and the pants cost $99. Flyweight is a lighter weight model that costs $69 for the jacket and $49 for the pants.

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