New stylish glasses

None of us likes to admit that our eyesight ain't what it used to be, but Ono's Sunglasses' Polarized Low-Reader (PLR) series of sunglasses gives wearers a stylish way to incorporate a bifocal into their eyewear, making it easier to tie knots and replace hooks.


The series has six new styles: Loon, Matagorda, Araya, Ripia, Oreti and Timbalier. All have broad sides and a wrap to help keep sunlight out. And with 100 percent UV protection, your eyes will be safe from sun damage. New spring hinges and heavier duty frames have been added as enhanced features to the whole PLR lineup.


Smaller to medium-size faces will enjoy the more petite sunglasses in the SV-360 Single Vision line. The Llano, Petit Boy and Sand Island are new to the series. Each has CR-39 polarizes lenses, UV protection and TR-90 frame construction.


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