ICAST: Trade show/job fair

One thing about ICAST no one's covered on Bassmaster.com is how the show is not just a new tackle showcase, but it's also a job fair of sorts. If you think the economy is tough generally, it's even tougher in the outdoor industry because the first thing people cut back on in tough times is their leisure expenditures. So the unemployment rate among people who were working in the outdoors industry a few years ago is sky high.


Walking the floors along with the media and buyers are a legion of folks itching to get back to work in the fishing industry and hoping there's a place for them. Most will go home disappointed because there are remarkably few openings out there. The most savvy of them, though, will carve out a niche by convincing a company they can improve the bottom line and essentially creating a position where there was none before. More and more that's what it takes to find work in the fishing field — you have to create your own position by fitting your skills to needs and getting the employer to see opportunity instead of just additional expense.


There are lots of talented fishing industry people looking for work, and the most creative of them can still find it.

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