A hooded T with SPF!


Rather than slather sunblock all over your ears, neck and chest when it's hot outside and you want to protect yourself from sun damage, try wearing a Hooded Tee made by Valley Fashions. The SPF 30+ shirt is a combination T-shirt, jacket, hat, wrist cover and neck wrap. But the lightweight shirt is cool enough to be worn even when it's up to 95 degrees outside.


It's made of 100 percent polyester performance bird's-eye fabric. It's quick drying and moisture wicking. It costs $80 to $90.


Valley Fashions, which also makes the tournament jerseys for several pros, is also introducing a vest ($80 to $90) that keeps your body warm but your arms free for casting, and a lightweight soft-shell jacket ($135 to $140). Both are windproof and waterproof.

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