Missouri crowns champions

Gary Soske shared with us the following information about the recent Missouri High School Championship:


Park Hill South was represented at the B.A.S.S. Missouri State High School Fishing Championships at Lake of the Ozarks.  Members of Park Hill South Elite Anglers fishing team, Kaleb Lenhert (10th grader) and Bryce Soske (9th grader), won the B.A.S.S. High School State Championship.  The win earns them B.A.S.S. State Champion honors, automatic qualification for the B.A.S.S.  Regional Championships, and qualification for the B.A.S.S. National Championships.  Park Hill South Elite Anglers were the first recognized High School B.A.S.S.  club in the country. 


 The day started very slowly with almost a 3 hour fog delay.  Knowing the fishing time would be shortened, we abandoned our plan to run up river.  The day started very poorly losing a nice keeper fish by breaking the bait.  A few casts later, Bryce got hung behind some rocks, pulled gently, obviously not enough and broke a rod.  Needless to say their heads weren’t in it at that time.  We quickly changed spots and within a few casts Kaleb caught a nice 4.5 lber on black Crock O Gator buzz bait.  Their attitudes and intensity changed immediately.  We went back over that spot but did not catch anything else.  Moved to the third spot and Bryce caught a keeper on a jig with a Tight Lines UV trailer.  Went down the bank farther and Bryce caught another on a chatter bait for keeper number 3.  The plan was for Kaleb to keep throwing the buzz bait, figuring if a fish would hit, it would be a good one.  Bryce then fished multiple baits at various locations.  The boys patterned their fish around points with deep water.  We went to spot four, and found active fish and Bryce caught keeper number 4 once again on a chatter bait.  With the time being shortened, we just went fishing putting together what we were learning on the water as we went.  We fished within 5 miles of the takeoff ramp in both directions.  We finished with 4 keepers for just less than 11 pounds.