Will they catch one?

The thing about this fish off is you can’t expect things to be lights out, with fish after fish hitting the two anglers’ boats.


Bertrand has caught only six keepers in the 24 hours of competition (three, 8-hour days). He caught a big sack on Day One, zeroed on Day Two, and then followed it up with an extremely key, one fish on Day Three.


Chapman has caught fish every day, but he has only seven keepers in the same amount of time. No one has been immune to the grind that Lewisville has served up the last three days.


We can only guess it’s not over. Overstreet mentioned earlier that Chapman was concerned with the lack of moving water in his discharge area.


And you have to wonder what is going through the head of Bertrand. He’s not exactly a rookie, but my guess is this is a new sort of pressure cooker.


It all adds up to one big question in the back of all our minds: Will they even catch one today to put an end to this event?