Victory a weight off Chapman

It's been seven years since Brent Chapman last won. Oh, he's fished well enought to make it to 10 Classics, but he hasn't won a B.A.S.S. event since the 2005 Busch Shootout on Table Rock Lake.


Though he's probably still chilled from the frigid conditions this week at Lewisville Lake, he has managed to shake that monkey off his back.  


“This is a big weight off my shoulders,” Chapman told B.A.S.S. reporter Rob Russow. “First, this tournament is over. The bigger reason is that I made the Classic and finally got another win.”


While he heads to Shreveport-Bossier City for the 2012 Classic next week, he's already looking forward to 2013 when the championship hits his home state of Oklahoma and Grand Lake.


So things are looking up for the Chapmans. Last Summer, Don Barone penned a piece focusing on how the economy was putting Chapman's career in jeopardy. In "How fragile, we ... ", Brent's wife Bobbi said, "We are one season away from big trouble, real big trouble, collapse of everything, that's how bad."


Winning $52,160 this week with another $10,000 coming from the Classic in 2013 should help.


While no one was pulling against Josh Bertrand, it was enjoyable to see a consummate pro like Chapman take the title.


An intriguing fish-off where we could test drive our new blog format was an added bonus, and we hope you enjoyed the coverage.


Gotta give big kudos to Russow and photographer James Overstreet for riding along with the competitors Sunday. They froze while bringing you BassCam videos, blog posts and photo galleries. And they didn't have a Classic berth on the line, just the work ethic to stick around another day and get the job done.


Chapman and 48 other anglers are now focusing on the Red River, as we will. We have a variety of features previewing the Classic scheduled this week. We sure hope you come back and follow us as we follow the anglers in their quest to become Bassmaster Classic champion.