Underdogs and Quiet Men

We mentioned this earlier and it bears repeating. When it comes to comparing these two anglers on the water, Josh Bertrand is David to Brent Chapman as Goliath.


Now understand, Chapman knows the end of the biblical version of that story, so he's not entered into this contest unaware of what could happen: The underdog could win.


And there is no more of an underdog than Bertrand. He's fishing only his fourth Bassmaster event. The other three were in 2010, where his highest place finish was 51st at Texoma.


Meanwhile, Chapman's record is much more impressive. Of 190 starts, 116 of those are 50th or better, with two wins. Obviously he's no slouch.


As a matter of fact, Chapman is one of those quiet men on tour that everyone respects and fears. He goes about his business and sneaks up on you. You don't hear horns playing or rap music blaring when he's doing it either. Just a steady push toward the top.


He's the kind of guy who has finished in the top 5 of the last two Classics. If not for Kevin VanDam winning both of those, taking a big part of the limelight, Chapman's presence in this event might not be so quiet to fans of the sport. He's a house-hold name in an Eli Manning sort of way (pre-2011 season, pre-Super Bowl sort of way).