Reel Fish-Off

There's less than two hours to go in this contest and despite the brutal cold, this is gut-check time.


Chapman is out in front with one fish in the 5-pound range. But he doesn't have a clue what Bertrand is doing.


Bertrand has a zero and has to be assuming that Chapman is either struggling or killing them.


This where the mental aspect of bass fishing competition plays its most important role.


This is where we wish we could tap into the brains of two anglers and record every thought. You have to visualize the pressure each of them must be feeling.


And then understand that they are battling not only the elements and each other, but the things inside of them.


Overstreet told me earlier in a whisper that Chapman "was fishing his guts out."


That's what a real fish-off is all about. Two guys laying everything out there, knowing it will come down to the last minute, the last cast, or the last second to determine who wins.