Old School

I just checked in with James Overstreet, who is serving as Chapman's Marshal today.


The extreme cold isn't a walk in the park to the guys standing on the back deck. They can't cast to keep warm or they can't focus on fishing to keep their mind off the cold. I want to make sure they are getting some good content for Bassmaster.com.


It hit me in the brief conversation that not only is this a battle of David and Goliath but it also has a true Old School versus New School feel to it.


Chapman is not an Alabama Rig fan. Bertrand caught the bulk of his weight on the new-fangled rig.


Both have gone to a jerkbait.


Bertrand is throwing a Lucky Craft Pointer Slender Shad and a Rapala X-Rap, both fairly new models in the fishing game.


At least fairly new compared to what Chapman is throwing. He's jerking an old Smithwick Rogue in chrome, black back and orange belly, the original jerkbait for the old schoolers in the bass fishing realm.