No more sudden death

With Brent Chapman's 5-pounder in the boat, there is a group of us breathing a big sigh of relief.


The fish basically assured us that this tournament should be over by noon. That's a good thing considering the tough conditions and brutal weather at Lewisville. I think Chapman was a little disappointed that he had to go back out this morning. Who wouldn't be?


It's not exactly like you are fishing Falcon or Erie or Clear Lake.


The 5-pounder, though, allows us to believe that more fish will be caught. That we will actually have a weigh in. That Overstreet and Russow will acually get to go home. Those kind of things.


You have to remember these are more similar to the conditions on Day One when Bertrand caught 18 pounds, so he's not out of this by a long shot. One bite and the tide could shift in his favor. Just please, please, please, don't make it the exact same size as Chapman's.