Less than an hour to go

Chapman has moved to the marina closet to the launch area. He said he caught the only fish he weighed on Day Two here.


We saw Bertrand speeding back to the dam. Chapman hopes that's an indication that he is scrambling and doesn't have any fish.


Chapman is totally calm and says he'll win if it's meant to be. He's been a true pleasure to spend time in a boat with, despite the pressure of a tournament that is basically down to sudden death.


Chapman has approached the entire morning with the mindset of a professional.


On another note, he ran his boat close to a no-wake buoy, but got shut down in time. I had my back to the wind taking photos while we were running. He said had he ran through the buoys it would have been a rules violation, and he would have had to 'call' himself on that one. Hard not to pull for a man built that way!