Impressive moxy, kid

Bertrand tries out a marina before he headed back to the dam.


I've been very impressed with the calm, focused attitude Josh Bertrand has brought on the final day. He's been able to laugh and joke with me while remaining zeroed in on catching a bass.


For someone who aspires to join the professional ranks, that is a valuable trait to have.

We are back at the dam and Josh plans on staying for the final 30 minutes of the day. He's got the drop shot in hand and is working slowly down the rocks around the largest outcropping.

"I wasn't able to fish this during the tournament because there were so many guys on it," Bertrand said. "I came by here and there was a boat shallow, deep and one on the other side. I don't think they could even make a full-length cast."

There's no one here now, leaving plenty of room for Bertrand to seine the area. He's looking for one keeper to get him on the board. On the way over, we saw Chapman running out of the area he was in.

"I just have to assume he doesn't have any," Bertrand said. "I need to catch a fish."