Fortunately, the winds have died

Here it is, the most exciting event in professional bass fishing: a fish-off.

I can only say that I'm glad the weather has decided to favor those of us ill-prepared to sit out in the insane conditions the Top 12 faced yesterday. The cold is still an issue, of course, but that slashing, shiver-inducing wind has gone away.


Our photographer James Overstreet faced 5-footers at one point on his way back to the ramp yesterday, where every wave washing over the boat would freeze to everything from his well-manicured beard to the carpet on the front deck.

As Overstreet put to me earlier, "Even the fountain at the hotel was whitecapping."

The calm conditions this morning will favor Josh Bertrand. After busting 18 pounds on Day One, the north winds rendered his spot unfishable the past two days.


I'll be with Josh all day, taking pictures and video along with the live blog. Expect a whole lot of umbrella rigging conversation. Both those 18-pound bags were caught on it, incidentally, in the same area. Expect more on that later. If you have any questions post them here and I'll get them answered.

Until then, sit back and let's enjoy this party.