Error leads to some joshing around

Anything live performance can have mistakes. We made one when we grabbed the Day One weigh-in photo that said Josh Bertrand and posted it today.


Of course, it wasn’t Bertrand, but Tommy Jonovich. Chad Schimmel and Vince Borrego gave us the heads up.


Vince said he was driving back to Arizona with Jonovich and gave us Tommy’s reaction to seeing his image with Bertrand’s name underneath.


"Wow Josh sure got handsome!"


That’s kinda humorous. Or cocky. Maybe both. We did get a chuckle and fixed it all up.


Vince tells us that both Tommy and Josh are “team partners that dominate the local tournament scene. We traveled together for the Central Opens this year along with Mitch Kistner.”


Again, thanks for the heads up. Hope you’re home or can access the weigh-in, which we should have coming up here shortly.


The anglers are to be back at the state park by noon, so time is precious now. Visit the live video of the fish-off weigh-in to see who gets the Open title and Classic berth.


And y'all come back now, ya hear.