Cold causing problems

The first cold-related incident happened a few minutes ago. Bertrand had the top guide insert on his umbrella rig rod come unseated. He tried unsuccessfully to push it back in with pliers, but then decided to just switch rods. No problem, right?

Unfortunately, the cold has frozen his rod locker shut. Aside from the rods he brought out last night, the rest are as good as locked away.

Earlier, before take-off, Bertrand had a similar problem with his livewells. He had to pour hot water over them to loosen them up. There's nothing hot in this boat anymore. Icicles are forming from my eyebrows and that's without the 25-mile-per-hour winds they had yesterday.

He's picked up a drop shot with a Robo Worm, a bait he used to catch a lone keeper yesterday to make it into the fish-off round.

"That's the bait out west," Bertrand said. "It's my fallback -- whenever I need a fish. There is a little outcropping there and I dropshotted one here the first day. I was hoping I could pick one up right there."

Unfortunately, fish can't open their mouth when they are encased in ice. But they are still down there.

"I've been seein them on my graph," Bertrand said. "That's how I caught the one. The fish are still down there. They have no reason to leave -- they stay here year-round."

After switching between the umbrella rig and drop shot, Bertrand finally decides to put it down for good.

"There's no reason to be pig-headed about it. This is a jerkbait kind of day."