Bertrand attacking the dam

Bertrand is fishing the large dam here on Lewisville, tossing the umbrella rig almost up onto the rocks and then bringing it back in.

"The fish I had that first day bit on the first few feet of the retrieve," Bertrand said.

He caught his biggest two first thing in the morning and then the rest sporadically throughout the day, culling once.


So far, he hasn't had a bite and he's made a move down to another section of the dam, next to one of the large pumping stations on the lake. The water temperature is 3 degrees lower than it has been, maybe one reason the bite has gotten so tough.

He plans to stick with the umbrella rig for the first few hours and if that isn't producing, he's got a jerkbait tied on that might tempt some otherwise lockjawed bass. I can blame the bass, if they are as numb as my fingers, they won't be too aggressive.