Young Harris doing well with 12 pounds already

Young Harris is unofficially up to 12 pounds now. If I were a betting man I'd say they just qualified for the National Championship, as long as they make that weight official at 2:30.


The weights are definitely down this morning as anglers feel the hurt of over crowding and lack of generation. Without the water moving these fish suspend around the ledges and they're very, very hard to catch.


Their 12 pounds might not only qualify Young Harris but even keep then near the Top 5 on a day like today. Moreover, 12 pounds is a great platform to start from today. With the water projected to run for only an hour or two of competition, some of that twelve pounds will go a long way with a couple of kickers added late. Five for 12 won't amount to a lot, but two for 12 won't either if that's all you have when the day is done.

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