Sugema's slot limit

So let's talk about the slot. Sugema has a slot of 12-18 inches. This means that if the fish is over 10 but doesn't touch 12, it's legal. If the fish touches 18 or is over, it's legal. Everything else goes back.


B.A.S.S. officials lobbied for an exemption but did not get one. So the slot will be a factor and already has been early on Day One. We've seen two boats toss back 14- or 15-inchers that they would have much rather put in the livewell. Do you try to catch 5 "unders" somehow? Or just keep fishing for one "over" which will weigh as much as 5 "unders"?


Undoubtedly it will take "overs" to win. But this tournament is all about qualifying (top 10) and that might be accomplished with the help of a few fish in the 10-12 inch range.  We'll see. 

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