Northern Michigan update

The team that started the day in second now has three 2-pounders in the boat. Starting the day just 13-ounces back, that's not a bad start. Especially considering the tough start Winona State leaders and the third place team from Wisconsin Stevens-Point are enduring. 


The magic spot that bolstered Day 1 and 2 bags for Winona only produced one small keeper in the first hour this morning. In that amount of time yesterday, Winona had already caught 12-pounds and had started culling.  


By their own assessment, Wisconsin Stevens-Point occupies the smallest boat left in competition. Their 17-ft aluminum rig is having a hard time in the 25 MPH winds that are blistering the Mississippi River right now. Those winds have made their primary are, an exposed weed line, un-fishable 


So far, the protected sloughs that have produced for Northern Michigan all week are definitely the calmest refuge for any team in the top 3. And with 3 fish for 6-pounds, they may be only a couple 3-pound bites from winning this thing. We'll stick around for a while and see what happens.