Sticking to the shallow bite

National Champ Jake Whitaker having a rough go of it so far. It's just before 1 o'clock and he only has one 2-pounder to show for a lot of running and gunning. Sticking to the shallow bite. His go-big-or-go-home mentality won UNCC the National Championship, but it may be sending him packing today. I personally don't want to see that. As a member of the media, I'm supposed to be unbiased and I usually am. But I love the commitment Jake has made to the shallow bite. Win, lose or draw, it's on his terms. There's no spinning rod on his deck and I wouldn't be surprised if there's not even one in his rod locker. And up here on the bank, you're always one bite away from the equivalent of an entire limit caught out deep.


Going to hang out with the champ a while longer. Fingers crossed for some fireworks.

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