Lots of wrong fish

Lots of fish being caught but most are not the right size. Several teams have caught limits of slot fish that would go 12 to 14 pounds but unfortunately only have a couple of fish between 10 to 12 inches to show for their efforts. We've seen a few overs caught.


Those would be game changers in a normal tournament but out here they are likely game enders for the rest of the field. One over outweighs a limit of unders by a pound or two. But given the conditions and the crowd, hoping to catch 5 overs is a bit ambitious.


The leader at the end of day one will likely have 2 to 4 overs and a few unders to fill their limit. Or they may not have a limit at all.


We heard of a tournament here last week that was win with 16 pounds. The winner only had 4 fish.

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