Keeper # 5, but not really

Northern Michigan just caught their fifth keeper of the morning, a 14-inch squeaker. After a short debate, they tossed it back in the water. Odd? Well, they're fishing in Minnesota where culling is not allowed. So if they put that fish in the box, they can go ahead and pick up the trolling motor and head out. Makes for an interesting day of fishing and complicates every decision. With four in the box of about 8-pounds, it's highly unlikely that the fish they released will cost them one of the top 13 qualifying spots.
And it's unlikely that fish would be enough to secure the win. But the question arises, what's big enough to keep at this point?
Another 2-pounder? probably not. A 4-pounder? Definitely. But what about a 3-pounder? Remember, none of their other fish can go back in the water now that they've entered the livewell. 
I just asked the guys what they're thinking about this. 
"We caught a 2-1/2-pounder right before you got here that we threw back. But at this point, we'll keep a 2-1/2-pounder if we catch it because we're running out of water." 
Wow. Some very bizarre strategy has to take place over here.